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The Kanabec County Telework Center is a facility for telecommuters (both students & workers) to use high speed Internet for a small fee.  The facility is located at 16 North Lake Street, Mora, MN  55051.  The facility is operated by the Kanabec County EDA and managed by the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce. 

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                                          Kanabec County Telework Center - 16 North Lake St, Mora, MN  55051 

To gain access to the facility, you must complete this subscriber application and submit it to the Telework Center manager, Karen AmundsonNote:  If you are a Pine Tech student, you must complete a "student user agreement", which is available through Pine Tech. 

Think of the Telework Center as a small library but the resources are on the Internet!  The facility features six work stations (cubicles) for workers and students and a conference room for meetings or study groups.  Subscribers may bring their own computers or use one of the Telework Center's two desktop computers.  Subscribers have access to Wi-Fi and a large black and white printer. 

The facility is staffed Monday through Thursday, from 10am to 2pm and by appointment.  Monthly subscribers have 24/7 access to the facility.

10/25/2016 - The Telework Center Ribbon Cuttting
Photo - Launch Pad Opening
Photo Courtesy of Kanabec County Times

For general information about the Kanabec County Telework Center, please contact
Heidi Steinmetz, at 320-209-5031, Kanabec County EDA, 18 North Vine Street, #101, Mora, MN  55051.
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