Kanabec County

Mora, MN
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Employment Opportunities

 Kanabec County has the following openings at this time. Click on job title for complete job description and application.

Part Time Correctional Officer/Dispatcher

Registered Nurse/Certified Public Health Nurse

When a position becomes vacant at the county we advertise to the public. Advertisements may be posted at one or all of the following locations: this website, Kanabec Times, Advertiser, Scotsman, Work Force website (www.mnwfc.org), posting boards at the Courthouse and the Public Service Building. You can also call or stop in the Coordinator's Office.

 There are two ways to apply for county jobs. Through the Kanabec County application system or through the MN Merit System.

County Application System

County applications can be obtained from this website or the Coordinator's Office. Once the vacancy closes the interview process begins. We screen all applications and do Veteran's Preference if it is claimed. Once all applications are screened interviews are set up.

It may take up to 4 weeks before you hear something from us concerning the position you applied for.

Background Checks: A thorough background check will be done on all finalists who apply for the following Sheriff's Office positions: Deputy, Jailer/Dispatcher, Jail/Office Assistant, Secretary, and Transcriber.

MN Merit System

To apply for a job in our Family Services Department you must complete the Merit System Application Process. Application forms can be obtained by either contacting any social service agency or by visiting the Department of Human Services website and clicking on the Merit System Exam Application. You must complete a separate application for each examination. You can apply for the Merit System anytime.

Once you have completed the application, mail it to the Department of Human Services Office in St Paul. Once they receive your application they will contact you and set up a test date. The examination procedure may include one or more of the following examinations: Written, Oral, and Rating of Education and Experience. You must achieve a score of at least 70 in order to be placed on the eligible register.

When Kanabec County Family Services has an opening we will request the eligibility register and interview off that list.

Your name will be kept on the eligibility register for one year. You may also apply for different counties, not just Kanabec County.

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