Adult Foster Care Licensing

Adult Foster Care Licensing
Adult foster care is the provision of food, lodging, protection, supervision, and household services to a functionally impaired (vulnerable) adult in a residence, and may also include the provision of personal care, household and living skills assistance or training, medication assistance and assistance safeguarding cash resources.

Adult Foster Care License Holders             adult foster01
The Adult foster care license holder may have a maximum license capacity of five if all persons in care are age 55 or over and do not have a serious and persistent mental illness or a developmental disability. 

There are two types:

1.    Family Adult Foster Care Home: An adult foster care (AFC) home that is the primary residence of the license holder, and in which the license holder is the primary care giver. 

•    You must live in Kanabec County.
•    You need to be at least 21 years old. 
•    You can be single or a couple.
•    You must live in a home that meets fire-safety standards and have appropriate sleeping space.
•    A Fire Marshal inspection is required ($50 fee).
•    Applicants must complete Pre-licensing training
•    Once licensed, Training must be completed annually.
•    Background check for all applicants, caregivers, and household members age 13 and older. One may be required for household member’s age 10 to 12 when there is reasonable cause.  Background studies cost $50 plus a $9.10 fingerprint fee.  Minors are not required to be fingerprinted until they turn 18.  

2.    Corporate Foster Home: The license holder does not live in the home.  Most of the time, services are provided by shift staff.  There is currently a moratorium, meaning there can be no new corporate licenses unless an exception is met through DHS.

Adult Foster Care Residents may use a variety of different funding sources to pay for their cost of care, depending on their needs and/or financial ability.  If any residents use a Home and Community Based Disability Waiver, the license holder would also be required to obtain a 245D License directly from DHS.  Click to learn more about the more about the 245D licensing process

Kanabec Counties Licensing Process 
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