Kanabec County Auditor-Treasurer
317 Maple Ave E, Mora MN  55051
The following are some of the application forms for our office.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our office at 320-679-6430.

Parcel Combine
To combine parcels, there are a few requirements and approval is needed. Please complete and submit the Application to Combine Properties to the Auditor-Treasurer's office and $50 fee.

Parcel Split
To split a parcel, the process starts with Environmental Services to inquire if it is possible. Next, to have our approval, we are required to follow MN State Statute, and all property taxes must be paid in full on the parcel(s) to be split.  The final step is to have the documents recorded at the Recorder's office. Please note, additional information and steps may be required, if needed.

Tax Allocation on a Split
If a tax estimate on a split is needed, please complete and submit the Tax Allocation on a Split form and to the Auditor-Treasurer's office and the $30 fee.  Estimates will be provided within seven (7) business days.

Aggregate Removal Tax
An Ordinance, imposing a production tax on the removal of aggregate from pits, quarries, or deposits located within the County; establishing reports requirements; providing penalties for failure to comply with the provisions of this ordinance; and providing for distribution of revenues collected under this ordinance, pursuant to Section 298.75 Minnesota Statutes 2015. A county that imposes the aggregate production tax shall impose upon every operator a production tax of 21.5 cents per cubic yard or 15 cents per ton of aggregate material excavated in the county.
When to report:
By the 14th day following the last day of each calendar quarter, every operator selling aggregate removed from operator’s extraction site during said quarter, must file with the County Auditor/Treasurer a report under oath stating the quantity of aggregate so removed. 
Aggregate Removal Tax Reporting Form
Ordinance No. 23 Aggregate Removal Tax

Green Acres Payback
If a property or properties participating in the green acres/rural preserves deferral program no longer qualifies for the deferral program, a payback needs to be calculated for current year, plus two years for the deferred amount. Please complete the
Application to Request Green Acre/Rural Preserve Payback form. The application and processing fee must be summited to the County Auditor-Treasurer seven (7) business days before closing/recording of transfer. 

Mailing Address Change
Taxpayers are responsible for notifying the Auditor-Treasurer's office for a change in mailing address for statements to be mailed to. Please complete the Mailing Address Change Request form and submit to the Auditor-Treasurer's office.

Senior Citizens' Property Tax Deferral
The Senior Citizens' Property Tax Deferral Program is administered by Minnesota Department of Revenue.  For information and online application, please click here.