Available Buildings & Space in Kanabec County, MN

Below is a list of commercial & industrial buildings or space for sale or lease in Kanabec County, Minnesota.  For more information on any of the properties listed below, please contact the EDA Office at 320-209-5031 or email.


~Office Space:  820 Howe Ave, Mora (2,000 square feet)

~Retail/Office Space:  301 N Hill Ave #5, Ogilvie (5,264 square feet)

~Office Space:  841 Forest Ave E, Mora (offices vary in size)


~Industrial Building:  2194 Prokosch Rd, Mora (3,480 square feet)

~Commercial Building:  19 Union St N, Mora (1,680 square feet)
~Commercial Building:  125 Railroad Ave SW, Mora (1,728 square feet)

~Office/Residential Space:  130 Union St S, Mora (approximately 2,000 square feet)

~Commercial/Residential Building:  301 N Hill Ave, Ogilvie (5,264 square feet)
~Commercial/Residential Property:  930 Highway 65 S, Mora (3,138 square feet)

Contact the EDA Office at 320-209-5031 or Email