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Kanabec County's participation in Blandin Foundation's CBR:  Accelerate! program from March through June 2021, spurred the creation of the EDA's broadband committee.  CBR Accelerate was an intense program where four teams (Kanabec County, Pine County, Aitkin County and the Mille Lacs Tribal Economy) worked together to "accelerate" the process of bringing better and more affordable broadband (high-speed) Internet services to East Central Minnesota. 

Kanabec County ranks last (87 out of 87 counties), in MN in the availability of broadband.  Kanabec County's broadband committee is working hard to change that.  The team gathered input from the community through a survey and resolutions of support.  As a result, the County Board of Commissioners authorized a Request for Proposals to conduct a feasibility study.  The County Board accepted a proposal from HR Green to conduct the feasibility study, which is excepted to be completed by February 2022.  To learn more about the team's past and upcoming efforts, please contact Heidi Steinmetz at 320-209-5031.     

Find out how fast your Internet is by taking this speed test from home:  

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EDA & Broadband
One of the Kanabec County EDA's top five strategic goals since its inception is broadband advocacy.  The EDA works to achieve this goal is by leading broadband advocacy efforts for Kanabec County on behalf of the Kanabec County Board of Commissioners.  Below are some photos of the EDA's participation in past MN Rural Broadband Coalition "Day on the Hill" events.  Below the photos is general information about broadband and other ways the EDA is involved with broadband advocacy for Kanabec County.

photo_2020 broadband day_rarick
Broadband Day on the Hill - March 12, 2020

photo_2020 broadband day_nelson
Broadband Day on the Hill - March 12, 2020
photo_2020 broadband day full group
Broadband Day on the Hill - March 12, 2020

Rep Nathan Nelson group
Broadband Day on the Hill - April 3, 2019

Rep Rarick Group
Broadband Day on the Hill - April 12, 2018

What is Broadband?
Broadband is another word for high-speed Internet. Broadband is a broad bandwidth connection to the Internet.  Broadband makes it easier & quicker to send and download information.

2021 Broadband Service Inventory for Kanabec County
Here's a map showing the broadband service in Kanabec County.  Most of Kanabec County is unserved.

State of MN's Office of Broadband Development
The main resource for broadband development in the State of Minnesota is the State's Office of Broadband Development.  The office administers the Border-to-Border Broadband Grant Program.  The office also provides assistance to the Governor's Task Force on Broadband.  To contact the State broadband office, please email or call 651-259-7610.

MN Rural Broadband Coalition
The Kanabec County EDA is a member of the MN Broadband Coalition.  The Coalition is group of local units of government, schools, economic development agencies, main street businesses, health care providers, organizations and individuals who lobby at the MN State Legislature to secure funding for the State of MN's Border-to-Border Broadband Grant Program.  To contact the Coalition, please email  View the Coalition's broadband advocacy tools here.

GPS 45:93
The Kanabec County EDA is an active member of the region's Economic Development group, GPS 45:93.  GPS's broadband committee works to ensure that the region's need for broadband does not go unnoticed by the State's broadband decision-makers. 

High Speed Internet Providers in Kanabec County 
Century Link, Frontier Communications, Genesis Wireless, HughesNet, Midco, YouBetNet, & Viasat

Compare High Speed Internet Plans is a Website for residents to shop for and compare Internet plans available in Kanabec County. 

Finding the Broadband Internet Service That Works for Your Family

A guide provided by the Blandin Foundation, ECMECC and Mora Public Schools
A guide provided by the Blandin Foundation, ECMECC and Ogilvie Public Schools

Former Kanabec Broadband Initiative (KBI)
The Kanabec Broadband Initiative (KBI) was formed in 2011.  KBI was a group of community organizations and leaders that recognized the importance of broadband to the economic competitiveness of the residents, businesses and institutions in Kanabec County.  A Robust Broadband Network Feasibility Study was completed for KBI in 2012.  To learn more about the history of KBI, please contact Marc Johnson.  He can be reached at 320-396-5211.

Kanabec County EDA Logo
Contact us at 320-209-5031 (office) or 320-515-1674 (mobile).