Interested in Becoming Licensed

Becoming Licensed
Kanabec County Family Services provides licensing for Family Child Care throughout the county. We are always seeking new providers to meet the needs of our community members.

Steps to Become Licensed for Family Child Care:
Call Kanabec County Family Services Adult intake at 320-679-6350 or click here to send an email. The orientation presentation will be emailed to you, along with a Rule Review Questionnaire. Application materials will be provided after you return the Rule Review Questionnaire. A home visit will be scheduled by the licensor after application materials are returned. The entire licensing process may take 60-90 days to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Do I need a license? Anyone who cares for children needs to be licensed, unless:

  • The children are related to the child care provider (limited to parent, grandparent, brother, sister, stepparent, stepsister, stepbrother, uncle, aunt, niece or nephew);
  • The children are from one unrelated family; or
  • The care is for less than 30 days in any 12 month period

2.  Do I have to pay a fee to become licensed? At this time, there is no charge for the calendar year 2024; however, some providers will be required to have a fire marshal inspection. This fee is $50. Also, providers who have well water will need to pay to have their water tested annually. Licensed providers are also required to obtain certain health and safety equipment in their home (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, etc).

3.  Will I need to have a fence? The need for a fence will be determined by the licensor at your home visit. Most often, fences are required for water hazards, road hazards, railroads, and/or machinery hazards.

4.  Are there Training Requirements?
Yes, there are required trainings for individuals providing care, and training topics/hours required yearly depends on the individual’s role in caring for children.

5.  Will child care licensing staff continue to help me once I am licensed?
Family child care providers are a private business owner. The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides information on their website regarding rules and regulations. Kanabec County Licensing staff are available to assist applicants and providers with questions when needed.

6.  What else do I need to know? 
Once licensed, family child care providers can expect unannounced visits from Kanabec County as part of their license requirements. Licensing staff does not expect activities with children to stop because of the visit as they recognize caring for children is the provider's primary responsibility. The purpose of the visit is to monitor the success of the licensed family child care program.

7.  How long does the licensing process take?
Approximately 60-90 days.

8.  How many children can I care for at one time?
Most providers start out with the ability to care for a total of 10 children at a time. Of those 10 children, there can be a maximum of six children under school age. Of those six children, there can be a combination of three infants and toddlers with no more than two infants at one time. After your first licensing period, you may be able to change your licensing class to care for more children, up to 14.

Additional information from DHS can be found on this site under Training.

Rules and Regulations 
Family Child Care is governed by many Minnesota Statutes and Rules. These may be found on the Office of Revisor of Statues website. Family Child Care Rule 9502  Human Services Licensing Act  Human Services Background Studies