Children's Mental Health

Kanabec County Children's Mental Health

Purpose & Function
Many children experience depression, anxiety, conduct, mood, attention deficit, and eating disorders.  These disorders can occur at any age.  Children's Mental Health Case Management is a service provided to families for children who have severe emotional and behavior disturbances.  Children's Mental Health Case Management is available to children ages 0 to 18 who qualify.  Children's Mental Health Case Management is a voluntary service.

Through at least monthly meetings a case manager will:

  • Meet with the family to determine needs
  • Provide information about and referral to community resources
  • Assist the family to obtain a current Diagnostic Assessment, if needed
  • Complete or make referrals for assessments and evaluations
  • Assist parents in advocating for their child's mental health needs
  • Complete a functional assessment and service plan
  • Be a source of information and support


In order to receive case management services:
  • Child must have a current Diagnostic Assessment with a current Severe Emotional Disturbance diagnosis
  • Reside in Kanabec County
  • Child's family must request or consent to services

To Make a Referral:  Contact the Kanabec County Family intake worker at 320-679-6350 or 877-599-4808

Children's Mental Health Crisis Services:  800-523-3333   24 Hours a day 7 days a week

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