The Environmental Services Department administers Ordinance #5, Management of Shoreland in Kanabec County.  Shoreland is defined as land located within the following distances from public waters;  1,000 feet from the ordinary high water level of a lake, pond, or flowage; and 300 feet from a river or stream.  

Kanabec County requires building site permits within the regulated shorelands of the county. Building permits are approved based on compliance with Kanabec County Shoreland Ordinance #5

For information on setbacks, building requirements, non-conforming lots or other related questions, see Kanabec County's Shoreland Ordinance or contact Teresa Wickeham at Kanabec County Environmental Services 320-679-6456 or email.

If you are building outside of the shoreland area, contact your township or city for site permits.

Building Site Permits
Site Plan Worksheet

County Ordinance:
Ordinance #5, Shoreland


Contact Information:
Ryan Carda
903 Forest Ave E
Mora, MN 55051
Office 320-679-6456 or email