Fireworks Permit

Kanabec County requires a Fireworks Permit for any outdoor firework/pyrotechnic displays within the county. All indoor firework/pyrotechnic displays must obtain a permit from to State Fire Marshal.

Any fireworks/pyrotechnic displays must be directly supervised by a pyrotechnic operator certified by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal.
Fireworks/pyrotechnic displays may be sponsored by a city, fair association, amusement park or other public or private organization only after obtaining a permit prior to conduction a display.
State law prohibits private individuals, including a certified fireworks operator acting as an individual, from sponsoring a fireworks display. However, a fireworks display company may sponsor displays for private parties.
All fireworks/pyrotechnic display applications will be approved by the County Sheriff.

Where to Apply

  • To apply for an indoor firework/pyrotechnic display, you must apply with the State Fire Marshal's Office.
  • To apply for an outdoor firework/pyrotechnic display within city limits, you must apply with the municipal clerk.
  • To apply for an outdoor firework/pyrotechnic display outside city limits or if your city does not issue a fireworks permit, you must apply with the County Auditor 15 days prior to the display date.

How to Apply
You must complete the Fireworks Permit Application and submit the required additional documents and fee to the County Auditor's Office 15 days prior to the display date.

Additional Documents:

  • A Bond or Certificate of Insurance, of at least $500,000.00 including Kanabec County as a co-insured.
  • A diagram, drawn to scale or with dimensions, of the grounds where the display will be held. The diagram must show the point at which the fireworks will be discharged, all building/structure locations, highways/streets, communication lines, other overhead obstructions and where the audience will be restrained.
  • A list of the name(s) and birthdate(s) of all assistants participating in the display. All assistants must be at least 18 years of age.


  • The permit fee is $25.00
  • We accept cash, check or money order
  • Checks are made payable to Kanabec County Auditor