Child Foster Care Licensing


We are currently in need for Child Foster Families! 
CURRENT NEED:  Mental health respite, Adolescents, and Sibling groups


Foster care is 24-hour care provided to children who are unable to remain in their family home due to abuse, neglect, or other safety concerns. Children can be placed into foster care by law enforcement, court order, or voluntary agreement. Foster care and foster parents are to provide things that cannot be provided by the parent, such as Food, Education, Lodging, Safety, Supervision, Care, and Training.

When a child is placed into foster care the goal is to reunite the children with their family. Foster families assist children with the reunification process and may be asked to interact with parents as well.  There may be times when reunification is not possible, in which case foster care parents may be considered for adoption.

•    You must live in Kanabec County.
•    You need to be at least 21 years old
•    You can be single or a couple.
•    You must live in a home that meets fire-safety standards and have appropriate sleeping space.
•    A Fire Marshal inspection may be required.
•    Participate in a home-study that includes interviews with household members.
•    Applicants must complete pre-licensing training.
•    Once licensed, Training must be completed annually. 
•    Background check for all applicants, caregivers, and household members age 13 and older. One may be required for household member’s age 10 to 12 when there is reasonable cause. There is no cost for the background study itself, however, there is a $9.50 fingerprint fee per adult. Minors are not required to be fingerprinted until they turn 18.  

•    Foster children may share a room with other children and siblings may share a bed.
•    Foster parents need to have a flexible schedule and reliable transportation. Foster parents are needed to transport children for visitation and appointments several times a week.
•    Payment for foster care varies. Payments are calculated based on the actions taken by foster parents to provide care to a child outside of their normal daily care needs.
•    Medical and dental costs are covered through Medical Assistance.
•    Foster parents may have regular contact with parents and relatives of children/youth.

Kanabec Counties Licensing Process 

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