Property Taxes

Kanabec County Auditor-Treasurer's Office is currently closed due to COVID-19.
Property taxes are still due May 15, 2020. Please mail your payments in the envelopes provided with your statement, or pay them on-line using the link below.

General Information
Property taxes are a major source funding for school districts, cities and townships, counties and special taxing districts. Many services are funded by these revenues including public schools, fire stations, police protection, streets, libraries and much more.

The County Auditor/Treasurer's Office mails out one tax statement per year. Tax statements for real and personal property are mailed by March 31. Tax statements for mobile home property are mailed by July 15. The statement includes a tear off stub for both the first and second half payments. No reminder notice is sent out for the second half.

The tax statement is sent to the taxpayer of record as of January 2 of that year. If you purchase a property during the course of the year, you are responsible for obtaining a copy of the statement from the seller, or from the County Auditor/Treasure's Office. The County Auditor/Treasurer's Office does not send out an additional copy due to a sale of property.

You may obtain property tax information and pay your property taxes on-line by clicking here.

Minnesota Property Tax Refund Program
The State of Minnesota offers a Property Tax Refund Program for those who qualify. This program is run through the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Please click on the link to obtain information regarding eligibility requirements and how to apply.  The local county offices do not administer, nor do we have access to your property tax refund.