Sheriff's Reserves

  The Kanabec County Sheriff's Office Reserve Program is made up of men and women from Kanabec County who wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Sheriff's Office. The men and women that make up the Reserve Program have varied backgrounds and experience, but work together to help full-time deputies in providing law enforcement service to the citizens of Kanabec County.  Click here for an application you can print.
If you have any questions you may contact the Captain of the Reserves, Paul Kastenbauer at 320-980-2317 or e-mail him at

Some duties of a Sheriff's Reserve
- Traiffic Control
- Crowd/Riot Control
- Community Event Assistance
- Search & Rescue Operations
- Patrol Duty (car, boat, ATV, snowmobile, foot, etc.)
- Inmate Watch
- Crime Prevention Efforts
- Disaster & Emergency Response
- Traffic Crash Assistance
- First Responder Medical Care
- Security & Safety Efforts
- Law Enforcement Presence

Requirements to become a Sheriff's Reserve 
-Resident of Kanabec County
-At least 21 years of age
-Posess a valid driver’s license
-Have reliable transportation and vehicle insurance
-Have a reasonable response capacity for call-out situations
-Pass a criminal background check
-Submit for fingerprinting and a background investigation
-Earn First Aid - CPR License
-Attend on-going training and complete self-study assignments
-Exhibit good conduct and behavior at all times, on and off duty
-Strictly maintain Sheriff ’s Office confidentiality