Kanabec County Auditor - Treasurer's Office 
2018 Tax Forfeit Land Auction

Properties will be sold to the highest bidder (but not less than the minimum bid value). Payment in full is required on the day of the sale by cash or check.
Fees & Costs in addition to the bid amount:
- 3% surcharge for the state assurance account, as required by state law.
- $25.00 State Deed Fee
- State Deed Tax of .33% of sale price ($1.65 minimum)
-Recording Fee of $46.00 for Abstract or $46.00-$66.00 for Torrens
-Well Certificate of $50.00 (if applicable)
State deeds are quit claim deeds which prohibit enrollment of the land in a state funded program providing
compensation for conservation of marginal land or wetlands.
Kanabec County does not ensure access to any of these parcels.
Properties are sold "as is". All sales are final with no refunds or exchanges allowed.

The Department of Revenue will issue a quit claim deed to purchaser.

Please contact the zoning official for the city where the parcel is located to obtain information with regards to specific building and zoning ordinances regarding these parcels.

Contact us for more information:

KANABEC COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE, 18 Vine St N, Ste 261A, Mora MN 55051, (320)679-6430