The Commissioners of Kanabec County are seeking applicants to serve on Kanabec County Boards and Committees:

Emergency Medical Services Board Advisory Committee. Evaluates the money that is available to the Emergency Medical Services for training and advises the executive board on how it should be spent. There is one opening on this board.

Personnel Board of Appeals.
Meets upon call to hear the filing of an appeal by an applicant for county job or a county employee concerning discrimination practices, alleged arbitrary capricious action on the part of the County Board with respect to rules included in the Act, or other matters or grievances under the authority of this Act (M.S. §375.65 & 375.66). There is one opening for this board.


All applicants should be a Kanabec County resident.

Please send a letter of interest to the Kanabec County Coordinator
Kanabec County Coordinator
18   North Vine Street Suite 181
  Mora, MN  55051     

Please respond by February 1, 2019

Updated 1/14/19