Kanabec County Assessor


Kanabec County Assessor Office

317 Maple Avenue East Suite 271
Mora, MN 55051
Phone:  (320) 679-6420
Fax:  (320) 679-6421


County Assessor:  Tina Diedrich-Von Eschen 
Assistant Assessor:  Jodi Lindberg
Appraiser:  Tim Bowland
Appraiser:  Sandy Ruud
Appraiser:  Jacob Bowland
Tax Specialist:  Katie Koenings
Clerk: Amber Marotte

The Assessor's Office is responsible for estimating the market value and determining the classification of all real and personal property located in Kanabec County for ad valorem tax purposes.

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Please contact us at 320-679-6420 if you have any questions.