Kanabec County Board of Commissioners


County Board Members and Information

The Board of Commissioners is composed of five members each representing a geographic district of the County. They are elected to four-year staggered terms.

The Kanabec County Board of Commissioners officially meets on first and third Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held in the County Board Room, on the ground floor of the Kanabec County Courthouse in Mora, Minnesota, unless otherwise noted.

Each Board member also serves on other committees in specialized areas such as library, corrections, regional development and other advisory boards. Board members invest considerable time following up on a wide variety of constituent concerns.

All meetings of the full Board (regular, special, emergency and adjourned) are open to the public.
For agenda information, contact the County Coordinator at 320-679-6440

2022 Kanabec County Board of Commissioners

South Fork,  Brunswick, and Grass Lake Townships and City of Grasston
Dennis McNally
1463 Harbor St
Ogilvie, MN 56358
Term expires: 2022

DISTRICT 2 - City of Mora, Precincts 1 & 2

DISTRICT 3 - Arthur and Kanabec Townships and City of Ogilvie
Les Nielsen, Chairperson
1472 210th Ave
Ogilvie, MN 56358
Term expires: 2022

DISTRICT 4 - Whited, Knife Lake, and Comfort Townships and City of Quamba
Rickey Mattson
1984 230th Ave
Mora, MN 55051
Term expires: 2024

DISTRICT 5 - Haybrook, Ford, Peace, Kroschel, Hillman, Ann Lake, and Pomroy Townships
Craig Smith, Vice Chairperson
1996 290th Ave

Mora, MN 55051
Term expires: 2022

Commissioner District Map