Cities in Kanabec County

The following five cities are located in Kanabec County, Minnesota.

City of Braham   A small but very important portion of Braham is located in the southeast corner of Kanabec County as shown on the below map.
   Patricia (Tish) Carlson, Mayor 320-396-3383
  Angela Grafstrom, City Administrator    320-396-3383
City of Grasston
  Jeremy Miller, Mayor 910-376-1555  
    Roberta Folkestad, Clerk/Treasurer   320-396-2476
City of Mora
  Al Skramstad, Mayor 320-679-4733
  Lindy Crawford, City Administrator   320-225-4806
City of Ogilvie
  Mark Nilson, Mayor 320-272-4027
  Heather Heins, Clerk/Treasurer 320-272-4822
  Dionne Haberman, Deputy Clerk 320-272-4822
City of Quamba
  Terri Huro, Mayor
  Sarah Hager, Clerk/Treasurer 320-496-5453
     Map of Cities in Kanabec County
Brunswick, an incorporated community, is also located in Kanabec County within Brunswick Township.