Kanabec County Planning Commission is based on MN § 394.30 County Board's Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission reviews applications for conditional and interim use permits, plans for subdivisions and platting of land, and reports the reviews to the County Board.

The County Board may assign additional duties and responsibilities to the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission may be required by the County Board to review any comprehensive plans and official controls, as well as any plans for public land acquisition and development sent to the county for that purpose by any local unit of government, or any state or federal agency, and shall report their review in writing to the County Board.

If you have any questions, contact Ryan Carda, Environmental Services Supervisor 320-679-6456 email.

Rhonda Olson 2742 Hwy 65 Mora, MN 55051
Earl Bracewell PO Box 119 Mora, MN 55051
Tom Roeschlein 2991 Hwy 65 Mora, MN 55051
Douglas Sabinash 26166 Nelsons Rd Mora, MN 55051
Wayne Zaudtke 2321 Hwy 65 Mora, MN 55051
Pat O'Brien (Board of Adjustment member) 3286 Hwy 65 Mora, MN 55051
Chad Gramentz Public Works Dir. / Co. Engineer Non-Voting Member

Planning Commission meetings are held at the Kanabec County Courthouse at 7pm on the 4th Monday of each month as needed, and as posted in the Kanabec County Times.