Patrol - County

Countywide Patrol Deputies

Currently there are eleven deputies assigned to law enforcement services within Kanabec County, including three part time deputies that cover shifts for the county and the City of Mora.
   Included in the eleven deputies are nine patrol deputies and two sergeants providing supervision. The eleven previously mentioned deputies provide 24 hour a day, seven day a week law enforcement services to the Kanabec County community.
   The mission of the Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office within Kanabec County is to serve the public; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, the peaceful against violence or disorder, and to respect the Constitutional rights of all people to liberty, equality and justice.  
   The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office encourages citizens to report criminal activity as well as all incidents which appear to be unusual or out of place. 
   The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office takes extreme pride in serving our community and would like to hear any and all concerns regarding the law enforcement services.