Kanabec County Recorder's Office

The Kanabec County Recorder’s Office
is closed to the public until further notice.
Please use one of the following forms of communication for more information on how to
                                         obtain a birth or death certificate, marriage license                                             
or how to record a document.
Or mail one of the forms available on this website.

Responsibilities of the Recorder's Office

  • Filing and recording all documents pertaining to real estate, military discharges, state and federal Liens
  • Maintains death, birth, and marriage records
  • Accurately maintain the permanent records for the public for generations to come
  • Kanabec County does not offer legal advice or assistance preparing documents. Questions should be directed to a real estate attorney or a Practicing Abstractor. 

Lisa Holcomb, County Recorder & Registrar of Titles
18 North Vine Street Suite 261B
Mora, MN 55051
Phone: (320) 679-6466
Fax: (320) 679-6431

Other Contacts:
Deputy Recorder: Jessica Olson

Office Hours
8:00 A.M.- 4:30 P.M.
Closed Holidays