Kanabec County Recorder's Office


Responsibilities of the Recorder's Office

  • Filing and recording all documents pertaining to real estate, military discharges, state and federal Liens
  • Maintains death, birth, and marriage records
  • Accurately maintain the permanent records for the public for generations to come
  • Kanabec County does not offer legal advice or assistance preparing documents. Questions should be directed to a real estate attorney or a Practicing Abstractor. 

Lisa Holcomb, County Recorder & Registrar of Titles
18 North Vine Street Suite 261B
Mora, MN 55051
Phone: (320) 679-6466
Fax: (320) 679-6431

Other Contacts:
Deputy Recorder: Jessica Olson

Office Hours
8:00 A.M.- 4:30 P.M.
Closed Holidays